Michaela Saß



Michaela has been working as a research associate at Medizinkanzlei Mohr since the beginning of 2017. Together with the lawyers in team, she supervises physicians, dentists and nursing service providers in court and out of court, also in representation at local courts.

Michaela supports the team of Medizinkanzlei Mohr in representing doctors and dentists in all professional matters, in particular in proceedings at disciplinary committees, at Courts of Professional Conducts and at the social courts. The support of the clients is not limited to the processing of cases specific to medical law, but also includes all areas associated with the operation of a practice, such as advice on questions of tenancy or employment law.

In addition to these areas of activity, Michaela’s particular area of interest is the field of nursing law, which is becoming increasingly important. Exceptionally few old people can live without regular nursing assistance, be it through an outpatient nursing service or by a full-time care in a nursing home in everyday life. Early legal intervention at all levels, in times of slow legislation in the care sector, ensures the efficiency of care facilities and the appropriate medical and professional care of those in need of care.

Michaela therefore supports, in particular, in nursing rate negotiations, before the arbitration boards, in case of objections to performance rejections or in the case of incorrect classification in a nursing stage, in remuneration disputes and in all corresponding proceedings before the administrative and social courts. In order to spare the client unnecessary procedures, the ongoing analysis of developments in law and case law identifies the need for early action in the organization of the nursing service and, if necessary, develops individual concepts for implementation.

Looking to the future, Michaela’s view is particularly focused on the developments in telemedicine in the care sector. Whether it is to support in-house processes of the service providers or to help those in need of care and relatives, the expansion of telemedical applications and supportive assistance systems and the use of health apps will continue.


since 2017
Research associate at Medizikanzlei Mohr

since 2017
Legal internship State of Berlin (including working at the office of corporate counsel of Charité University Hospital

2014 – 2017
Student assistant at harms-ziegler lawyers

2010 – 2016
Law studies at Freie University Berlin