Individual advice on a fixed price

For questions in medical law, if the task is already defined.


Do you need legal advice quickly? You are taking the right choice with us if you have questions in medical law as a service provider/actor of the health market and if the task is already defined. Send us information/documents about the case by e-mail or post and receive our legal advice within 48 hours after receiving the documents. This includes the definition of the further legal procedure, but also questions such as the incurring expenses or strategic issues to take in consideration. You can choose whether you would like to receive the legal advice by e-mail or in a personal conversation. If you choose the personal conversation, you can also bring the documents to the office.

  • 350,00 EUR incl. VAT and expenses flat rate
  • Lawyer with at least 2 years of professional experience
  • 1 hour legal advice
  • Consultation within 48 hours on weekdays

Convenient Payment

Pay your package conveniently and safely with the following options of payment. You will receive an invoice after completion of the mandate.

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