Augmented Reality

You think augmented reality is future music? Not even close.

In addition to the new possibilities of using virtual reality (VR) software, the use of augmented reality (AR) technology in conjunction with everyday workflows offers. While VR technology creates a completely artificial environment, AR complements the environment with additional information. For example, the Microsoft HoloLens overlays the user’s field of view through information fields, charts, data, and work instructions designed to assist in the execution of work. Companies such as BMW, Audi and Bosch are already making extensive use of AR glasses as well as smartphones and tablets on which the software displays information after a scan of the environment. Through the use of AR, Deutsche Bahn wants to support its technicians in the field, for which trainees project fixed facilities such as points for the purposes of viewing in the classroom, and facilitate customers’ search for their reserved space through a corresponding app.

It is to be expected that augmented reality will also impact the healthcare sector. Already, the technique is used in the treatment of phobias or in medical education. The organization Medical Realities currently offers medical training through virtual and augmented reality. Also the project AccuVein, cf., shows how useful this technology can be.

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