Awarded the PMN Management Award 2016

On 20 September 2016, the medical practice Mohr was awarded the PMN Management Award 2016 in the “Newcomer” category at a gala ceremony at the Villa Kennedy in Frankfurt am Main with the third place in Germany. The PMN Management Awards are awards for innovative projects from the management and business service areas of the law firms, commercial law firms and auditing companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The expert jury (eg FAZ, Impulse) praised the extreme specialization of the medical practice Mohr in the health sector (service providers, no patients) and the direct and clear communication with the clients. The other categories of the PMN Award were invariably taken by international law firms. Conclusion: Once again, the medical firm Mohr has prevailed on the market. Already in 2014, the law firm was awarded the Soldan Chancellery Prize.