Practice purchase

The preparation of a purchase contract for the purchase or sale of a seat, owned by a CHI physician, requires – in order to be optimally advised and to give your favorite the best possible chances for the acquisition – the specialized expertise of a lawyer specializing in medical law. This is because special aspects of medical law must be observed in the context of regulatory law.

With us you are in good hands. We keep an eye on your interests and maintain a confident and result-oriented style of negotiation. In the tender procedure, we will, of course, represent you to the Admissions Committee and, if necessary, before the Appeals Committee and in the legal action.

Medizinkanzlei Mohr


Above all, it is essential to prevent the (medical) seat from a retraction or the transfer to another district. Different options to deal the seat have to be discussed. What for example about the rental and personnel situation? How can the different ideas be realized via timeline?

Medizinkanzlei Mohr


We provide comprehensive support in case of selling or purchasing a practice, usually by agreeing to a package-price. All necessary steps till signing the purchase contract with the remuneration agreement are included. Also in the following time we offer our help in all different areas of the medical law.

A wide field.

We limit it.

The various categories of medical law have one thing in common: mistakes are usually very expensive. We are your full service partner. We punch you out, we protect your legal interests and if something makes no sense, we’ll tell you. Your trust is in good hands with us.

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