The establishment and operation of a medical care center are complicated projects, which usually require the support of a lawyer specialized in medical law. Especially with regard to MVZs, the professional jurisprudence is in strong movement. At the same time, MVZs – both for physicians and prospectively increasingly for dentists – depend on being strong and efficient in the competitive market. This includes a constant and reliable legal protection. The care of medical care centers is one of our core competences.

Medizinkanzlei Mohr – MVZ


In Brandenburg, it was necessary to convert several practices into the legal form of a medical care center. For this purpose, discussions were held with the parties involved in the contract on the part of the operator, and then, after exploring the different ideas, a consolidated procedural goal was lashed down.


The process included legal support through the founding of the GmbH, the individual preparation of the articles of association and the representation of the legal interests of the client in the notarial deed and thereafter in the context of execution. The completion of the contracts was done without complications. The law firm now accompanies the client for more than seven years in all operational and legal matters of the MVZ.

Medizinkanzlei Mohr MVZ

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The various categories of medical law have one thing in common: mistakes are usually very expensive. We are your full service partner. We punch you out, we protect your legal interests and if something makes no sense, we’ll tell you. Your trust is in good hands with us.

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