Digital issues

We have founded a department for Digital Issues in order to actively support new developments and new ideas. We see ourselves as supporters of new ideas and are pro-digital. Please contact us if you need progressive legal support for a new digital healthcare project!

Medizinkanzelei Moht Digitales


One federal association was about to carry out a comprehensive review of data protection issues one year before the entry into force of the DS-GVO.

Medizinkanzlei Mohr


The law firm prepared a due diligence that covered the entire IT structure as well as the personnel and organizational circumstances. Discussions were held with the departments, documents were reviewed and processes recorded and structured. The new processes have meanwhile been sensitively integrated. We continue to accompany the client through the digital age.

Medizinkanzlei Mohr

Our life is getting simpler and at the same time more complicated. The new digital possibilities simplify a lot, but also question the old and proven. You have to keep your finger on the pulse to be able to correctly classify the current events.

A decision on the right approach to new inventions or new concepts – both in fact and in law – is demanding, also because there are no empirical values. This also applies to the application of new laws such as the DS-GVO (2018) or the upcoming ePrivacy Regulation (2019).

A wide field.

We limit it.

The various categories of medical law have one thing in common: mistakes are usually very expensive. We are your full service partner. We punch you out, we protect your legal interests and if something makes no sense, we’ll tell you. Your trust is in good hands with us.

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