How we work.

We are a boutique law firm. Only for medical law. Only for doctors and other service providers. Not for patients. We know our clients. That’s why we do not beat around the bush. We like to close quickly, work effectively and try to make the collaboration as easy as possible for the client.

We are direct. We are straightforward. We are assertive.



For example, one of our clients, who is specialized in the production of apparative cosmetics and permanent make-up, received a post from Italy one day. An Italian company filed claims and saw its patent rights violated with regard to a plasma unit.

The Problem

In fact, there was a certain similarity between the competitors’ two devices. However, the target group differed. Our client did not sell the device as a medical device. The other side with the target group physicians nevertheless held on to your claims.

The Research

The device in dispute may, depending on the intended use of the manufacturer in Germany, be placed on the market either as a medical device or as a household appliance. That would not have solved a dispute. Independently, however, a contravention of European environmental laws was found. As long as registration has not taken place, the products may not be offered.

The Vote

The statements made were submitted by a federal association as an annex to the reply. The other side has never moved again. The lawsuit is done.

The Approval

Listen carefully | Precise work | Think outside the box too | Be agile |
And of course win the lawsuit.

We do it together.

The various categories of medical law have one thing in common: mistakes are usually very expensive. We are your full service partner. We punch you out, we protect your legal interests and if something makes no sense, we’ll tell you. Your trust is in good hands with us.

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